How to reduce coal mine electrical and mechanical accidents

1 cause of mechanical and electrical accident in coal mine production

1.1 Equipment is old and aging

Complete sets of equipment must be put into mine, and must be matched with each other, the number of one-time capital investment is considerable. Due to insufficient investment, the mechanical and electrical equipment of coal mines has been updated at a slower speed and the equipment is relatively aging. In addition, the coal industry's equipment manufacturing process design, raw materials, processing and manufacturing methods and testing means are relatively low, and the capabilities of the materials, electronics, hydraulics and mechanical parts and components involved in the industry are not matched, resulting in the overall equipment of the coal industry. Behind, equipment maintenance is heavy.

1.2 Unreasonable equipment modeling

China's coal mine production equipment has few varieties, low level and poor quality. Especially high-tech products and mechanical basic products can not meet the requirements of the rapid development of the coal industry, such as hydraulic supports, shearers, roadheaders, heavy-duty scraper conveyors, etc. It is completed on the basis of imported technology and has an adaptive process for the development of China's coal industry. In addition, the selection of electromechanical equipment requires matching, and it has strong adaptability to different geological conditions, users and management level. Feicheng Mining Group Co., Ltd. Cao Zhuang Mine launched the first domestic intelligent comprehensive mining equipment. Due to the defects in equipment selection and the geological conditions, transportation capacity and management ability of the mine, its function only played 70~ 80%.

1.3 Equipment maintenance is not in place

Nowadays, most of the regular coal mines use a series of advanced mining equipment such as coal mining machines, transport machines, roadheaders and brackets, and gradually move from mechanization to automation. Long-term operation and mistakes in the operation of equipment during equipment operation can cause equipment damage. It is required to repair the equipment.

Must be serious, meticulous and comprehensive. The current maintenance personnel's overall business quality is poor, coupled with outdated equipment, the amount of maintenance work itself is very large, so the inspection and maintenance of the equipment can only be a bad repair, the annual inspection monthly inspection work is difficult to carry on. According to statistics, about 75% to 80% of the electromechanical equipment accidents occurred were caused by improper operation and inadequate maintenance.

1.4 Accessories specifications and quality are not relevant

At present, the structure of enterprises producing coal mine equipment parts in China is small and scattered. There is no uniform standard for the size, specifications, materials and performance of accessories, and more than 90% of them do not match. There are differences in the details of the accessories produced by various manufacturers. Some small manufacturers have cut corners for their own interests, which has adversely affected the normal operation and maintenance of electromechanical equipment.

1.5 Management Vulnerabilities

Special operations personnel have a weak sense of safety and numbness, violating the "three major regulations" and relevant safety regulations, and violations of regulations and illegal operations have occurred. It is not possible to carry out the necessary technical training for the operators and maintenance personnel of electromechanical equipment on a regular basis as required, and the implementation of terminal liability is unfavorable.

2 Countermeasures to reduce mechanical and electrical accidents in coal mines

(1) Strengthen the management of employment systems for special types of work. Coal mines are technically strong, and should be served by well-thought-out and technically-skilled workers, with little or no temporary work. Except for special circumstances, special types of workers cannot be exchanged at will, and they must be strictly examined and issued, and regular training for special types of workers should be carried out so that everyone can hold a certificate.

(2) Strengthening ideological education. We will guide and educate employees through various channels, clarify the harm after the accident, eliminate the safety of luck, and enhance safety awareness.

1 Establish a typical accident case education exhibition room, open to employees on a regular basis, and educate employees with vivid case images;

2 In the typical way of teaching, the education staff recognizes the harm of “three violations” and strengthens employees' awareness of safety precautions;

3 Pay special attention to understanding the ideological and physiological state of the employees, adapt to local conditions, and monitor them from person to person to prevent sudden accidents caused by unsafe psychological factors.

(3) Strengthen the safety business training of employees.

After reducing the number of people and improving the effect, it is necessary to take new measures according to the new form: 1 Establish a competition mechanism, such as taking competitive posts for technical workers and management personnel, using job skills wages for all employees, and dividing wage levels. Guide and force employees to learn safe business knowledge spontaneously; 2 organize employees to compete in technical competitions at regular intervals, and reward winners to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees to learn technology and learn business, improve their technical skills, and promote their position. The standard standard is to live on the standard post, and the operation is carried out in accordance with the “Safety Regulations for Coal Mines”; 3 the “three-in-one” training method is adopted, that is, the combination of amateur training and off-the-job training, with amateur training as the main; the training of all staff is combined with the key training. Focused on key training; internal training combined with external training, with internal training as the main focus. Intensive training for new workers, new posts, and new technologies will be carried out to comprehensively improve the safety of employees.

(4) Strive to strengthen the standardized management of mine quality. Practice has proved that the input of mine quality standardization work can get ten or even dozens of times of benefit output. It is necessary to take this work as a regular work, to change from static compliance to dynamic compliance, from heavy results to heavy processes, to achieve the full production process.

(5) Strengthen security work and be safe to management. Practice has proved that to do a good job of safety work, it is inseparable from effective supervision, supervision is not in place or in form, which is an important cause of safety accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision and control mechanism and give full play to the role of on-site electromechanical management personnel. At the same time, it is necessary to adhere to an effective safety management system, especially to establish and improve the safety production responsibility system and the positions of workers at all levels of leadership and business departments. Responsibility system, clarifying the job responsibilities of each person. In addition, we will adopt a safe fund incentive mechanism to strictly assess and implement the reward and punishment system through economic leverage, thereby promoting the implementation of various safety management systems.

(6) Implement and implement superior safety technology policies, regulations, and directives, regularly inspect and test safety protection devices for electromechanical equipment, and investigate and manage hidden dangers in electromechanical equipment.

(7) Conscientiously implement the standard inspection and acceptance system for mine electromechanical quality, adhere to the system of inspection and monthly acceptance, and strictly check and accept the items according to the standards.

(8) Conscientiously implement the policy of safety first. Strictly implement the three major regulations of coal mines, adhere to the principle of equal emphasis on equipment, management and training, effectively strengthen the management of coal mine electromechanical safety technology, strictly prevent the occurrence of mechanical and electrical accidents, and ensure the safe production of coal mines.

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