Powder coating requirements for titanium dioxide performance

According to experts China Association of epoxy resin, polyester epoxy powder coating of various pigments include titanium white powder, chrome yellow, iron green, iron oxide red, yellow iron oxide, hansa yellow G, phthalocyanine green, phthalocyanine blue BGS, Dahong BBN, Yanhong, Yongfuhong F3RK, Yongfuhong F5RK carbon black and other varieties. Among them, white powder is a white pigment commonly used in white polyester epoxy powder coatings. After comparing the different types of titanium dioxide A0101, R940, R902, R244, R930, R706 according to the commonly used white polyester epoxy powder coating formula, different types of titanium dioxide can be found on white polyester epoxy powder coating. influences.

Different types of titanium dioxide have different chemical compositions and properties due to different manufacturing processes, crystal forms and surface treatment methods, and have different effects on the chemical reactivity and dispersibility of polyester epoxy powder coatings. It has a significant influence on the fluidity of the molten level, and also affects the fluidity, gloss, chromatic aberration and impact resistance of the film. Data show that, anatase titanium dioxide (A0101) formulated powder coating formulation ratio of rutile (R-form) titanium dioxide powder coating, reactive, short gel time, the melt level in flowability, poor coating formation, Low gloss. There are also significant differences in technical indicators between rutile titanium dioxide.

Therefore, according to the performance requirements of powder coatings, it is important to select a titanium dioxide variety that can meet the performance requirements of powder coatings and coatings. Studies have shown that in the matt polyester epoxy powder coating, anatase titanium dioxide is more likely to cause discoloration or yellowing of the coating than rutile titanium dioxide. Therefore, it is preferable to use rutile titanium dioxide for this coating system.

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