More than 700 small chemicals in Hubei are facing shutdown

Hubei eliminated large-scale backward production capacity. Last year, the province shut down 169 small paper mills, 80 small cements, and 20 small thermal power units. This year, small chemicals will become the focus of Hubei closure.
Hubei Province will start restricting the use of electricity, and completely rectify and shut down high-pollution, high-energy-consumption enterprises such as small chemicals, small printing and dyeing, and small alcohol, so as to free up space for development for large-scale, energy-saving and environmentally friendly chemical projects, and effectively promote the industrial structure. Adjustment. At present, there are 772 small chemicals that have been shut down.
Chibi City resolutely shut down "old fifteen small" and "new five small" enterprises that do not conform to national industrial policies, serious environmental pollution, small chemicals, and small plastics processing. At present, there are only 9 small plastic factories that are closed. Zaoyang City organized a special campaign to clean up and rectify chemical industries, and a total of more than 30 small chemical companies were shut down. The four chemical companies that did not meet the requirements were shut down by measures such as power cuts, revocation of business licenses, and forced removal of equipment. Domestic chemical companies have implemented deadlines for governance. At the same time, Zaoyang City vigorously supported the development of key enterprises, and successively supported Zaoyang Chemical Industry Corporation to develop more than 10 high-tech products. The leading product's production capacity has more than doubled, making Zaohua a leader in the domestic industry. Laohekou City has closed more than 20 small-scale chemical industries with high energy consumption and high energy consumption. At the same time, it has tilted its backbone chemical companies such as Xuefei Chemical, Huasong Chemical, and Fuling Chemicals from land, capital, technology, and policies. Chemical companies have achieved leapfrog development.

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