Bridgestone adjusts tire prices by 3% to 5%

The reporter recently learned from Bridgestone (China) Investment Co., Ltd. that since March 2008, Bridgestone has adjusted the price of its branded tires for passenger cars and truck buses, and the price increase ranged from 3% to 5%.

In recent years, natural rubber, the main raw material for tires, has been operating in a relatively high price range worldwide. As oil prices continue to refresh historical highs, the prices of petrochemical-related raw materials such as synthetic rubber and carbon black have continued to increase. rising.

Every increase in oil prices will have a direct impact on the tire raw materials, production and transportation. According to Ni Baitao, Director of Public Communication Division of Bridgestone (China) Investment Co., Ltd., in the face of rising production and sales costs, Bridgestone China has accelerated the construction of local R&D institutions and accelerated the localization of raw material procurement through Improve productivity and other measures to ease the impact of rising costs. According to the statistics of Bridgestone China, since 2004, the localization ratio of raw material procurement has increased by 20 percentage points, which will offset a considerable part of the cost of transportation links.


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