Two energy-saving products independently developed by Dalian Boiler Plant were put into operation

At the Dalian Municipal Economic Commission, the two new energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and safe boilers independently researched and developed by the Dalian Boiler Plant were highly evaluated by the experts of the appraisal committee. The experts agreed to invest in mass production in the near future.

Lin Zonghu, chairman of the appraisal committee, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Bodao, a professor of Xi'an Jiaotong University, believe that the oil-fired coal-fired steam injection boiler innovatively uses cheap coal instead of oil as fuel, greatly improving the economic benefits of the oil field. The high temperature hot water boiler innovatively combines four advanced technologies. Both boilers are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. At present, Dalian Boiler Factory has already placed more than 10 orders for coal-fired steam injection boilers.

The boiler is a subcritical pressure chain grate coal-fired direct current boiler. It is the main process equipment in the process of heavy oil exploitation. It is the first in China and abroad and has obtained many national patents.

According to Liu Zhimin, director of Dalian Boiler Factory. Previously, when heavy oil was mined at home and abroad, a large amount of oil (gas) resources were produced from the oil field, which reduced the oil (gas) commodity rate of the oil field. The investment cost of each coal-fired steam injection boiler is about 14 million yuan, and the fuel injection steam boiler NI:I: the operating cost is 12.05 million yuan, and the investment recovery period is about 14 months. Taking Liaohe Oilfield as an example, the annual output of crude oil is 12 million tons, of which 80% is heavy oil. There are more than 200 existing fuel (gas) boilers, and annual self-consumption crude oil and natural gas account for about 10% of the total output of Liaohe Oilfield, accounting for 12.5% ​​of heavy oil production, and the cost is about 4 billion yuan. China's annual output of heavy oil is nearly 30 million tons, and more than 600 fuel (gas) steam injection boilers are in use. If all of the coal-fired steam injection boilers are used, the annual cost of thermal injection steam can be saved by more than 5 billion yuan.

According to statistics, industrial boilers consume 1/3 of the total coal consumption in the country. Most of them are small coal-fired boilers. The main disadvantages of these boilers are energy consumption, pollution and accidents. It is an inevitable trend to develop large-scale central heating projects to replace small, decentralized boiler rooms.

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