There are six steps to using a gas mask

When a fire occurs, wearing a reliable smoke and gas respirator and using an evacuation channel to escape from danger can greatly reduce the number of fire deaths. Gas masks have an anti-virus time of about 30 minutes. When not in use, they should be regularly inspected to ensure that the masks and air ducts are in good condition without damage, that the canisters are out of date, damp or rusted, and that the airtightness of the full set of masks should be checked to ensure that No air enters, otherwise it should be repaired or replaced.
The materials and structures of various gas masks are different, but all can refer to the same method of use.
First, check the use of gas masks before use :
1. Before use, check whether the mask has cracks or breaks to ensure that the mask and the face fit tightly together. 2. Check whether the exhalation valve is deformed, broken or cracked. 3. Check whether the headband is flexible. 4. Check the integrity of the filter cartridge sealing ring; 5, check the filter box is in use period
Second, gas mask wear instructions :
1. Cover your mouth and nose with a mask, then pull the headband over the head; 2. Use your hands to pull the headband below the neck, and then fasten it; 3. Take a dry mask and check the connection and exhale carefully. Adhesion of the valve and suction valve, and put the mask in a clean place for the next use; 4, please do not use organic solution cleaning agent for cleaning, otherwise it will reduce the effect of use.
Third, gas mask wear adhesion test :
Test Method 1: Cover the exhalation valve with the palm of your hand and exhale slowly. If the face feels a certain pressure, but no air is leaked from between the face and the mask, it means that the wearability is good; if the face and the mask are between If there is a leak, headbands and masks need to be re-adjusted to eliminate leakage. Test Method Two: Cover the connector of the cartridge holder with the palm of your hand and slowly inhale. If you feel breathing difficulty, it means that the mask is well sealed. If you feel that you can inhale air, you need to re-adjust the position of the mask and adjust the tightness of the headband to eliminate air leakage. Redo the method according to the above one, method two to do the adhesion test until the adhesion performance is good.
Fourth, drug cartridge replacement and assembly methods :
1. Replace according to the effective antivirus time of the filter box or feel odor replacement; 2. Remove the sealing layer of the filter box and align the filter cartridge port with the filter box holder, tighten it in the clockwise direction and press the filter box. Align the cartridge seat.
V. Gas mask replacement conditions :
1. If you smell a faint odor of poison when wearing, you should immediately leave the toxic area. 2. Toxic areas where oxygen accounts for less than 18% of the volume and where toxic gases account for more than 2% of the total volume cannot be protected by various types of canisters.
Sixth, other aspects :
1. Screw the screw cap on the upper part of the canister after each use, and store it after plugging the rubber plug to avoid internal moisture. 2. Canisters should be stored in a dry, clean, air-conditioned warehouse environment, protected from moisture, overheating, valid for 5 years, and re-qualified for more than 5 years.

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