The main function of deep hole honing machine

The role of deep hole honing machine equipment

The deep hole honing machine tool department is used for machining a variety of workpieces, but it is particularly suitable for honing and polishing workpieces with stepped holes. The precision of machined aperture can reach IT7~IT8 or above, and the surface roughness can reach Ra0.2-0.4μm. It can achieve our expected results, and the deep hole honing machine tool processing is to use local honing, which can correct the taper, ellipticity and local aperture error of the workpiece. For some cold-drawn steel tubes, strong honing can be performed directly. It is an ideal equipment with high precision and high efficiency. We can use the servo motor with sprocket chain to realize the reciprocating movement of the boring head. While accurately controlling the honing position, we can also use double linear guides with high service life and high accuracy. According to our operating honing pressure can be adjusted according to need, and set the high and low pressure control, on the console can easily achieve rough, fine squat conversion.

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