The cake in the cake can't escape the inspector's eyes

Yangcheng Evening News Shenzhen Airport Security Station staff found a chopper in the baggage on duty, but this kitchen knife magically “disappeared” when it was checked out of the box. After careful investigation, the hidden tools carried by the passengers were finally seized and successfully intercepted the safety hazard on the ground.

According to reports, at 13 o'clock on April 7th, in the domestic security checkout hall on the 12th exit hall, the X-ray machine image of a kitchen knife caught the attention of security inspector Xiaojuan. According to the operation flow, Xiaojuan calmly and decisively reached the ground. After the box inspection instruction, the opener Abbin repeated the instruction to open the box, found the owner of the baggage and began to guide the passengers to look for the prohibited items in the direction directed by the flightman. "Grandma, is there a kitchen knife in your luggage?" Alban asked politely. "What?" "No, no, no tape." The old couple said in unison, but they were panicked. After several guides, the opener checked the bag. It is expected that the bags will be rummaged all over, and the shadow of the kitchen knife will not be seen. How could such a large kitchen knife disappear under the eyes of the public? When the luggage was re-checked, Xiaojuan carefully looked at the X-ray machine image and said firmly: “Yes, there must be a kitchen knife inside. ”

At this time, the security inspectors' eyes were focused on the suspicious baggage. Xiaojuan recognizes the orientation of the kitchen knife and asks the unpacker to check the contents of the luggage separately. "Yes! That's it!" When he checked the cake alone, Xiaojuan found out that the kitchen knife was hiding in the cake. After careful inquiries, the old couple told the truth. They hidden the kitchen knife hidden in the noodle cake. They thought that they could cross the sea but did not expect to escape the "eye" of security screening. The old woman also said: "This is a good kitchen knife, not willing to discard."

After the education and guidance of the on-site watchman, the old couple had to agree to dispose of the contraband.

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