Six chemical projects into the focus of industrialization in Tianjin

January 28 from the Tianjin Science and Technology Commission, the news, Tianjin has identified 20 major projects of industrialization of independent innovation. Among them, six chemical projects including large-scale steel radial tire equipment innovation and industrialization are among them.
It is understood that these projects have obvious scientific and technological advantages and international frontiers, represent a new breakthrough in independent innovation at the national level, but also fully embody the status of corporate innovation, reflecting the leading role of the Binhai New Area in independent innovation. The six major chemical projects are:
Large-scale steel radial tire equipment innovation and industrialization projects. The development of large-scale all steel radial tire equipment, breaking through the three-dimensional structural design technology of large radial tire equipment, high processing accuracy and high assembly accuracy of the process technology, integrated control technology, the formation of an annual output of 150 (sets) of the ability.
Distillation seawater desalination key technology integration and complete set of equipment industrialization projects. The development of key technologies and complete sets of equipment for seawater desalination by distillation, breakthrough in the manufacturing technology of key equipment for special steam thermal compression injection and vacuum systems, and the production capacity of 10 sets of 100,000 to 150,000 tons/day seawater desalination project equipment.
High-performance separation membrane development and industrialization projects. Development of high-performance separation membranes and equipment, breakthrough in composite thermal phase membrane technology, high-efficiency, low-energy aeration system, high anti-pollution membrane bioreactor membrane module manufacturing technology, modularization, integration, energy-saving and high-efficiency equipment manufacturing, etc. Six to eight million-ton demonstration projects have been completed to form Asia's largest hollow fiber membrane industrial base.
Water-saving and emission reduction key technology development and integrated application projects. The main content is to carry out key technologies and project demonstrations for deep phosphorus and nitrogen removal in urban wastewater, break through the enhancement of phosphorus removal and denitrification efficiency in biological reaction pools, optimize control technology, control technology of phased aeration tank efficiency, and technology of biological membrane enhanced nitrogen removal. The Northern Wastewater Treatment and Upgrading and New Technology System for Extra Large City.
Energy-saving key technology development and integrated application projects. The main content is to develop a new energy-saving and consumption-reducing technology for diaphragm electrolysis in the chlor-alkali industry, and to break through the nano-catalytic hydrogen evolution active cathode preparation technology for the first time at home and abroad, and build an energy-saving demonstration project for diaphragm cells.
10,000-ton propylene oxide green production process development and industrialization projects. To develop a new green technology for 10,000-ton propylene oxide, to break through the new catalyst preparation technology and clean production technology for direct epoxidation of propylene, and to complete an industrial trial with an annual output of 20,000 tons of propylene oxide and to establish a production capacity of 200,000 tons per year. basis.

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