Radial Tyre, High Quality Tyre, Car Tyre 215/60r17 235/60r17 Lt215/85r16

Model NO.: 215/60R17 235/60R17 LT215/85R16
Inner Tube: Without Inner Tube
Spare Tire Type: Non-Full Size Spare Tire
Spare Tire: Non-Spare Tire
Brand: Bridgestone
Small Size: 10" 12" 13" 14" 15" Inch
Middle Size: 16" 17" 18" 19" 20" Inch
Big Size: 22" 24" 26" 28" 30" Inch
Season: All Season, Summer, Winter, Snow
Usage: Ht Highway, at All Terrain, Mt Mud Terrain, Rt Roc
Economy Car: Microcar, Mini Car, Hatchback, Compact Car
Saloon / Sedan: Saloon, Sedan, Luxury Vehicle, Wagon
Multipurpose: SUV, MPV, Orv, Pickup, Crossover
Sports Cars: Hot Hatch, Grand Tourer, Supercar, Convertible,
Commercial: Mini Van, Van, Light Truck
Transport Package: Color PVC or as Demand
Specification: 215/60R17 235/60R17 LT215/85R16
Origin: China
HS Code: 4011100000
Radial Tyre, High Quality Tyre, Car Tyre 215/60r17 235/60r17 Lt215/85r16


Radial Tyre, High Quality Tyre, Car Tyre 215/60R17 235/60R17 LT215/85R16

Radial Tyre, High Quality Tyre, Car Tyre 215/60r17 235/60r17 Lt215/85r16

FULL RANGE OF SIZES                                                  
HIGH PERFORM 225/45R17 LT285/75R16 195/60R14
145/70R12  225/45ZR18 LT305/70R16 195/60R15
155/65R13 225/50R16 LT315/70R17 195/65R15
155/65R14 225/50ZR17 P235/65R17 VAN/LIGHT TRUCK
155/70R13 225/55R16 P235/70R16 185/75R16C
155/80R13 225/55R17 P235/75R15 175/70R14LT 
155R12C 225/55ZR17 WINTER 185R14C
155R13C  235/35ZR19  155/65R13 195/65R16C
165/60R14 235/40R18 165/70R13 195/70R15C
165/65R13 235/45R17 175/65R14 195/75R16C
165/65R14 235/45ZR18 175/70R13 195R14C
165/70R13 235/50ZR18  175/70R14 195R15C
165/70R14 235/55R17 185/60R14 205/65R16C
165/80R13 245/30ZR22  185/60R14  205/70R15C
175/60R13 245/35ZR19  185/60R15 215/65R16C
175/65R13 245/35ZR22  185/65R14 215/70R15C
175/65R14 245/40ZR18 185/65R15 215/70R16LT
175/70R13 245/40ZR19  185/70R14 215/70R16LT  
175/70R14 245/40ZR20  185R14C  215/75R15LT
175/70R14  245/45ZR17  195/55R15 215/75R16C
185/55R14 245/45ZR18 195/55R16 225/65R16C
185/55R15 245/45ZR18  195/60R15 225/70R15C
185/60R14 245/45ZR19 195/65R15 235/65R16C
185/60R15 245/45ZR20  195/70R15C AT/MT
185/65R14 255/35ZR18  205/55R16 255/55R19
185/65R15 265/30ZR19  205/60R16 255/60R18
185/70R13 265/35ZR18  205/65R15 255/70R16
185/70R14 275/30ZR20  205/70R15 265/70R16LT
195/50R15 275/35ZR20  215/50R17 275/65R18LT
195/55R15 275/40ZR19 215/55R16 285/70R17LT
195/60R14 275/40ZR20  215/55R17 285/75R16LT
195/60R15 275/45ZR20  215/55R18 30X9.50R15LT 
195/65R15 275/55R20 215/60R16 31X10.50R15LT
195/70R14 285/45ZR22 215/60R17 31X10.50R15LT 
205/55R16 305/40ZR22  215/65R16 32X11.50R15LT 
205/60R14 SUV 215/70R15 33X12.50R15LT
205/60R15 205/70R15 215/70R16 33X12.50R17LT 
205/60R16 215/65R16 215/75R15 33X12.50R18LT  
205/65R15 225/60R17 225/40R18 33X12.50R20LT 
205/70R14 225/65R17 225/45R17 33X12.50R22LT  
205/70R15 235/55R17 225/45R18 35X12.50R17LT
215/60R16 235/55ZR18 225/50R17 35X12.50R18LT
215/65R16 235/60R16 225/55R17 35X12.50R18LT 
225/60R16 235/60R17 225/60R16 35X12.50R20LT
P215/75R15 235/60R18 225/60R17 35X12.50R22LT 
P225/75R15 235/65R17 225/65R17 35X12.5R15LT   
UHP SPORT 235/70R16 235/40R18 35X12.5R20LT   
175/50R16 235/75R15 235/45R18 35X13.50R20LT 
185/50R16 245/35ZR20 235/50R18 37X13.50R20LT 
195/40ZR17 245/55ZR19 235/55R17 37X13.50R22LT 
195/45ZR16 245/65R17 235/55R18 37X13.50R24LT 
195/45ZR17 245/70R16 235/55R19 40X15.50R24LT 
195/50R16 255/35ZR20 235/60R18 LT215/75R15 
195/55ZR16 255/50ZR19 235/65R17 LT215/85R16 
205/40R17 255/55ZR18 235/70R16 LT225/75R16 
205/45R17 255/55ZR19 235/75R15 LT235/75R15  
205/45ZR16 255/60R18 245/45R17 LT235/85R16 
205/50R16 255/70R15 245/45R18 LT245/75R16
205/50R17 265/65R17 245/55R19 LT245/75R16 
205/50ZR17 265/70R16  245/65R17 LT265/70R17
205/55R16 275/55R17 255/55R18 LT265/70R17 
205/55ZR16 275/55R20 255/55R18  LT265/75R16
215/35R18 275/65R17 255/65R16 LT265/75R16 
215/40R17 275/70R16 265/65R17 LT285/65R18
215/40ZR18 285/65R17 265/70R16 LT285/70R17 
215/45R17 31X10.50R15LT 265/70R17 LT285/75R16 
215/45ZR18 LT215/85R16 6.50R16C  LT305/70R16 
215/50ZR17  LT225/75R16 7.00R16C  LT315/75R16 
215/55R16 LT235/85R16 LT245/75R16 P215/70R16
215/55ZR17  LT245/75R16 LT265/70R17 P215/75R15
225/35ZR19 LT265/70R17 TAXI P235/70R16
225/35ZR19  LT265/75R16 165/70R13 P235/75R15
225/35ZR20  LT275/65R18 175/70R14 P245/70R16
225/40R18 LT275/70R18 185/60R14 P265/65R17
225/40ZR18 LT285/50R20 185/65R15 P265/70R16

Details of High Quality                                                  

Radial Tyre, High Quality Tyre, Car Tyre 215/60r17 235/60r17 Lt215/85r16

Certificates for Whole World Markets                           

Radial Tyre, High Quality Tyre, Car Tyre 215/60r17 235/60r17 Lt215/85r16

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Radial Tyre, High Quality Tyre, Car Tyre 215/60r17 235/60r17 Lt215/85r16

Radial Tyre, High Quality Tyre, Car Tyre 215/60r17 235/60r17 Lt215/85r16

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1. Professional Tyres Manufacturer & Supplier
★ Extensive Production Line Including TBR, PCR, OTR, Agriculture Tyre, Motorcycle Tyre etc
★ Full Range of Sizes
★ With Experience More Than decade
2. Excellent Raw Material
★ Natural Rubber Imported from Thailand
★ Steel Cord Imported from BELGIUM
★ Carbon Black are from USA
3. Strict Quality Control

★ Perfect Formula
★ Advanced Equipments with High Technology
★ Well-Trained Skilled Workers
★ Strict Inspection Before Delivery
★ Certified With DOT, ECE, CCC, GCC, ISO, TUV, SGS, BV, SONCAP etc
4. Services
★ Competitive Prices Based On Quality
★ Delivery Period: 7-15 days
★ Win-Win Marketing Plan

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LED-Fluorescent Lamp Protection Sleeves/PET Explosion-proof tube LED Light Heat Shrink Tube

Product Description:
LED-Fluorescent Lamp Protection Sleeves is made of PET materials, PET Explosion-proof tube LED Light Heat Shrink Tube with superior transparency, good heat dissipationeffect, insulation, protect the glass not to break.

Feature & benefit:
a) White LED-PET heat-shrink tube can homogenize the dot light to area light.
b) The uniform theory of light diffusion heat shrink sleeve is that the light ray will generate many refraction, reflection and scattering when the light go through the different refraction rate medium and get the effect of optical diffusion.
c) Light transmittance can be up to 85-93%, haze 95-99%, customizable.
d) RoHS compliant, no mercury, uvioresistant,save energy and low carbon.

It`s widely applied to T5,T6,T8,T10,T12 LED lights for light diffusion and proofing explosion. 

Operating indexes:
a) Min. Shrink temp.:60 degrees Celsius
b) Final shrink  temp.: 125 degrees Celsius
c) Work temp. : -55~125 degrees Celsius

Increase length 5mm at both ends of the glass lamps when cutting the tube, set the glass lamps which have been scrubbed by alcohol and dried on to the cutting heat shrink tube. 
Put them into the 75-85℃constant temperature thermal cycling tunnel furnace to shrink.After 1-2 minutes, check if the tube is shrinkable. 

If not, let them shrink sequentially. If the temperature is a little high, the heat shrink tube will generate crystal and black patches. Trim them with art knife after they are cold already, go to next step to install if no problem.

Product Images:

T5 T8 T10 LED Fluorescent Diffusion Protective Sleeve 2

T5 T8 T10 LED Fluorescent Diffusion Protective Sleeve

T5 T8 T10 LED light explosion-proof film

LED & Fluorescent Lamp Protection Sleeves

Fluorescent Lamps Protective Sleeves,FEP Shrink Tube,PTFE Shrink Tube,PFA Heat Shrinkable Tube,Explosion Proof Lamp Tube Shrinkable Film,LED Light Diffusion Film

KEYUACE Materials Co., Ltd. , https://www.insulationtubing.com

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