Qinghai Successfully Developed Bearing Steel for Wind Power Generation

From the Ministry of Science and Technology of Qinghai Province, it was learned that in early September, the “Development of High-quality Bearing Steel for Wind Power Generation” scientific project undertaken by Xining Special Steel Co., Ltd. was approved by relevant experts inside and outside the province.

Wind power generation is the key direction of China's new energy development and construction. As a key component of wind turbines, the market demand is increasing. However, for some time, the lack of technology for producing bearings for wind power generation has severely restricted the development of China's wind power industry.

Since 2008, Xining Special Steel Co., Ltd. has carried out technical research on the basis of fully assessing market demand, and according to the structural characteristics and working conditions of the bearings for wind power generation, special studies have been conducted on oxygen content control and non-metallic inclusion control in steels. Three years have been used to develop four types of high quality bearing steel for wind power.

He Zhi, deputy director of the Department of High-tech and Industrialization of the Department of Science and Technology of Qinghai Province, said that the review experts all agreed that the overall development level of the “High-Speed ​​Bearing Steel for Wind Power Generation” project has reached the leading level in China and is of great significance to the development of China’s wind power industry.

At present, the bearing steel for wind power generation produced by Xining Special Steel Co., Ltd. has achieved mass production, with a total production and sales of 1477.31 tons of steel, and an output value of RMB 157.450 million. The economic benefits are significant.

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