PE /PEVA /EVA Plastic Grinding Machine

Model NO.: HT-FSJ300
Type: Plastic Grinding Machine
Crusher Motor: 3HP
Rotation: 180mm
Blade Length: 175mm
Windmill Motor: 2HP
Trademark: HONEST
Transport Package: Fumigation-Free Wooden Case
Specification: 1050*600*1050mm
Origin: China
                                  PE /PEVA /EVA Plastic Grinding Machine
1.Machine introduction
This product uses tungsten steel grinding, under normal circumstances, with 10 times longer than the general crush blade life, use of time is about 400 days, only need to replace the abrasive use.
Scope: for PE film, PEVA film, EVA film, PP film, shrink winders, bubble cloth ear material (scrap) 100% crushed immediately recovered.
Handling Precautions
1, main and auxiliary power to simultaneously start
2, before the two-minute casting machine downtime cutting edge material should let the scrap idling for two minutes and then shut down in order to avoid cutting blockage
3, the side feeder bearing shall once every ten days plus butter (high temperature butter)
2.Technical parameters 
Crusher motor  3HP 
Rotation  180mm
Blade length 175mm
Fixed blade 2 pcs/ set 
Rotation blade 3 pcs/set 
Windmill motor 2HP 
Van screw 1-2hp
Cyclone separator diameter  250-350mm
Leading transport width 100-150mm
Leading frequency conversion motor 1hp 
Dimension  1050*600*1050mm
Weight  300kg
3. contact information 
If you need further information, please contact us freely, we will do our best to cooperate with you.
Contact person Candy Wei
Telephone 0086-15538075768

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