Ordinary employees to develop piston pump Versa seat extractor success

Sept. 25, the binary composite flooding station director, worker technician Du Shengli developed piston pump Versa seat extractor, in Shandong Shengli Gudao oil production plant QC evaluation, the first overall score as "QC results" first prize, and will be submitted to Shengli Petroleum Administration Award, front-line workers to obtain the first prize of QC results at the Gudong Oil Production Plant is the first time.

Piston pumps Versailles due to frequent high-pressure hydraulic scouring, easy to prick irregular grooves, pitting and damage. Usually used to extract and replace the hook seat wherever, but the serious damage to the seat of Versailles three cross-bearing force will occur off, making the failure of Versaille hook extraction invalid. General use 3-5 times can not continue to use. Forced with other tools to extract, although can remove the damaged seat, but will cause the plunger pump inlet valve chamber damage, pump operation will reduce the efficiency. Therefore, in the process of production and maintenance, it is urgently necessary to develop a new type of Versollar extractor to solve the problem of damaged Versol seat extraction.

Worker technician Du Shengli in the daily injection pump repair work, often because of Seoul seat extraction difficulties, but also into the liquid valve cavity damage and headache. He based on the principle of moment, relying on the torque generated by the nut and screw, the successful development of a new Versol seat extractor, by connecting the two fixed round base pedestal seat, so as to achieve the extraction of damaged Versailles the goal of.

Since April 2007, after a series of on-site tests by Du Shengli and his companions, the newer Versa seat extractor has been successfully tested on a 3ZP piston pump and has been widely used in the Sansei Center. Completely solve the problem of damaged Versailles extraction difficulties. The new Verstel extractor to extract the seat from the original seat more than half an hour, shortened to less than 10 minutes, the number of repeated use has been greatly improved, from the original can only be used 3-5 times to 15 times more, the year Saving valve core, valve seat and other materials costs 50000 yuan, plunger pump operation to improve pump efficiency by 4 percentage points, while reducing the intensity of the workers on-site operations and reduce workload, greatly reducing equipment maintenance time.

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