Micro dry pressed alumina ceramic parts come out

Morgan Advanced Ceramics (MAC) is a global leader in innovative ceramics for the medical, telecommunications, semiconductor, aerospace and other industries. The company has developed dry pressed alumina ceramic components with outer dimensions ranging from 0.020 to 2 inches. The dry-pressed alumina ceramic component has the characteristics of anti-wear, corrosion resistance, long service life, high insulation, high thermal conductivity and high mechanical strength; electrical insulation and dimensional stability temperature up to 1700 ° C; and the dry-pressed alumina ceramic component The minimum wall thickness is 0.010 inches, the minimum length is 0.008 inches, and the purity is from 85% to 99.5%, which can meet the individual needs of each customer. The components are designed for microelectronic devices. These miniature alumina ceramic components are very suitable for use in telecommunications. , appliances and other devices.

Truck tool boxes are the ultimate truck accessory for securing your valuable equipment, chains, straps and other trucking and towing essentials. Ganland offers a large range of tool box paddle locks to fit your individual needs, which are ideal for underbody tool boxes, top side tool boxes, trailer tongue boxes, chest style boxes, step boxes, etc. Ganland tool box latches and locks are supplied for rich choice, including but not limited to construction: 304 grade stainless steel, steel, mild steel. Finish: polished, galvanized, zinc plated, zinc plating-coloring, black spray molding process. Dust Cap: plastic, allumen. Thank you for considering Ganland for your next purchase, if you are searching for truck / trailer spare parts don't forget to check our extensive range, high quality and competitive price, OEM and ODM, welcome.

Toolbox paddle locks

Toolbox Paddle Locks

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