Hangji-CN numerical precision high-precision horizontal axis round table flat grinding passed the identification

The MGK7350 CNC high-precision horizontal-axis circular table surface grinder developed by Hangzhou Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. has passed the appraisal. Experts from the appraisal committee believe that the overall technology of MGK7350 CNC high-precision horizontal axis circular table surface grinder has reached the domestic leading level.

MGK7350 CNC high-precision horizontal axis round table surface grinder is a key project of Hangzhou technology innovation, and it is a high-tech product with high technical content. The machine adopts a novel medium-loft column mobile structure with independent intellectual property rights; adopts advanced mechatronics principle, the longitudinal movement of the column is moved by servo motor and ball screw; position detection and table rotation frequency control , to achieve constant line speed grinding of parts.

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