GAC Fiat looks forward to reviving the first autonomous car to be released

On the evening of September 14, Fiat’s high-end boutique car Fiat 500, which was responsible for the revival of China’s flag in China, was formally listed. At the same time, the official guide price announced was more than 20,000 yuan lower than the pre-sale price. The fashion version was priced at 169,800 yuan, the sports version was priced at 197,800 yuan, and the exclusive version was priced at 228,800 yuan, while the spare parts price was lowered by 40%. Fiat also released a new brand slogan - "Life is so beautiful." Zheng Xiancong, general manager of GAC Fiat, bluntly stated: "The Fiat 500 is Fiat's return to the Chinese market leader, intended to enhance the brand, rather than sales."

Also on the second day of Fiat 500 listing, it will be the first time that Michael Manley, the CEO of the Fiat Group, was personally appointed by Fiat CEO and on September 1st to assume the position of the new Asia regional director of Fiat and also the president and CEO of Jeep brand. In China, he will have offices in the United States and China. It can be seen that Malchoney has accelerated the pace of reshuffling both Fiat and Chrysler brands globally.

GAC Fiat shouldered the banner of Fiat’s renaissance in China. At present, GAC Fiat is the youngest joint venture company in the country. It has been established for less than two years and the resume has only nine short lines. "However, progress has been very smooth." Jiang Ping, deputy general manager of GAC Fiat, said that at present, the factory building stamping shop, welding shop and painting shop have been capped, before the end of the year to complete the construction of the main plant, equipment installation and production of some certified vehicles. In the first phase, the annual production capacity of 140,000 complete vehicles and annual output of 220,000 engines will be formed. In the second phase, the annual output will reach 250,000 vehicles and the annual output of 300,000 engines.

In terms of products, Fiat is also eager to get rid of the current downturn. The previously introduced Fiat Boyue has also been tepid; the new 500 is not a solution to the problem of increasing sales, and Guangfei executives have only slightly changed their mind to saying that "the first batch of 100 Chinese cars have been granted since the booking was accepted". The edition 'Fiat 500 has been basically booked'; a 7-seater commercial imported car will be introduced in the year. But with the urgent need for imported cars alone, GAC Fiat placed its hopes on the first domestic model C-Medium to be launched in July next year. This model is based on Fiat's latest global platform design and manufacturing, is a new model, the main attack on the mid-size car segment. C-medium will use the power combination of a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine and a dry dual-clutch transmission (DDCT), and this 1.4T engine will be made domestically. According to the industry, Fiat, who specializes in small cars, has chosen to use mid-size cars rather than small cars as the first model to return to China. This is a positive response to the Chinese market. After all, the mid-size car market, which accounts for 40% of the overall market, has a bigger cake, which also reduces the risk of Fiat's recovery in China.

Regarding the issue of GAC Fiat Channel expansion, Jiang Ping said that there are currently 50 GAC Fiat dealers in China, and the dealer network will expand to 100 when the new model C-medium is launched next year.

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