Federal-Mogaux wins contract for two brake pads for Mercedes-Benz trucks

Federal-Mogul has received a brake pad supply contract for the Mercedes-Benz heavy truck Actros. According to the different requirements of the front and rear axle brake pads, Federal-Mogul developed two types of brake pads.

Mercedes Heavy Truck Actros
Mercedes Heavy Truck Actros

Federal-Mogul developed Knorr-Bremse SN7-30 brake pads for Aktos's front axle and developed Knorr-Bremse SN7-25 brake pads for its rear axles. These brake pads are resistant to high temperatures, durability and high performance. , anti-tremor and improve the driver's comfort and so on.

Silvano Veglia, director of product marketing for Federal-Mogul brakes, said: “We worked closely with Daimler AG to develop two brake pads for the front and rear axles according to their different requirements, enabling heavy truck Aktos to achieve performance and The best balance of durability."

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