Development and Reform Commission Requests Open Fuel Supply Sinopec to Launch Emergency Plan

According to the National Development and Reform Commission’s briefing on the 28th, the Development and Reform Commission recently urged all local oil companies, such as Sinopec and PetroChina, to take effective measures to ensure that livelihoods and industrial and agricultural production are affected by the bad weather in recent regions. Agricultural oil and other important living materials and production materials for transportation oil.
Xinhua News Agency reporter learned from the China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation on the 28th, Sinopec sales companies have launched emergency plans to take effective measures to protect the supply of refined oil market.
In the recent emergency notice, the Development and Reform Commission requested Sinopec and PetroChina to strengthen the connection of production and sales of refined oil products, increase distribution efforts, and organize timely dispatching. All gas stations are open to supply, unlimited, not out of stock, not in violation of price, and positive. Adopt convenient measures such as “green channels” and mobile refueling vehicles to ensure the refueling of transportation vehicles such as vegetables and fresh agricultural products.
At the same time, all localities must further strengthen supply monitoring, keep abreast of market trends, coordinate local transportation management and other relevant departments to ensure the emergency dispatch of refined oil products. At the same time, we will ensure the use of key oils and properly arrange the supply of refined oil, such as residents' lives, urban public transport, public utilities, and highways.
Li Lan, a refined oil expert, told the Morning Post reporter last night that compared with coal-fired electricity, the supply of refined oil was generally relatively good. Poor traffic caused by wind and snow weather has caused some local stocks to decrease, but there will not be a large area shortage as in the previous period. In terms of prices, the wholesale price of gasoline remained stable, while the price of diesel also fell slightly.
"Of course, if the wind and snow weather continues, inventory will continue to decline, then it may make the oil shortage 'return'." Li Yu said.

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