Delphi Introduces Corrosion-Resistant, Wear-Resistant Light Aluminum Cables

The reporter learned on September 19, 2011 that Delphi is launching a lightweight aluminum cable that will be used in new 2012 models.

Delphi 's aluminum cables are comparable to copper cables, but they are 48% lighter than copper cables. The aluminum cables meet the requirements of automakers. After being combined with Delphi's ultra-thin insulating walls, the aluminum cables are extremely resistant. Extrusion, corrosion and wear resistance. Aluminum cables were widely used in the automotive industry from 1969 to 1998. Delphi introduced aluminum solid cables in 1974 to produce 900 million meters of aluminum cables and 35 million meters of copper-clad aluminum cables, which are widely used in roads. On the various vehicles.

Endless Conveyor Belt


1. Construction

The belt has been manufactured into endless type during production. Its tensile strength at reinforcement splice is 90% of the belt tensile strength. There is no obvious splice on the belt surface. So the belt operation is smooth and elongation is very small.


2. Specification

Intensity: 100 N/mm--3150N/mm

Width: 300mm--2000mm


3. Length and Limit deviation

Endless conveyor belt length(m)

Limit Deviation(mm)








No-joint ring conveyor belts are made with no-joint in production. The features: no-hoint in the carcass ensures no obvious joint defect on the surface, even tension, smooth transporting, low elongation, and that working life is not affected by any joint damage. The carcass is made of 2-6 plies of fine quality all cotton/polyester cotton canvas or NN-200 nylon/polyester canvas as tension layers.

Endless Conveyor Belt

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