· At the end of September, 45,000 “Yellow Label Vehicles” in Harbin City will be completely eliminated.

In May this year, Harbin City formulated and issued the “Implementation Plan for Harbin City to Eliminate Yellow Label Vehicles”. It is expected that by the end of September, 45,000 “Yellow Label Vehicles” in Harbin City will be completely eliminated. This is the result of Harbin’s efforts to improve air quality. A "heavy fist". It is understood that the source of PM2.5 is mainly fine particulate matter directly discharged from coal, motor vehicles, etc. Vehicle exhaust emissions have become one of the important sources of air pollution, and the emission of “Yellow Label Vehicle” is about ten. Double, so the elimination work is imminent. So how is the progress of the elimination of the yellow label car in Harbin? What are the hazards of the yellow label car? What measures will Harbin take to segment the yellow label car? Recently, the reporter conducted an interview.
On the 18th, the reporter went to Harbin City, Harbin City, in the Zhongshun Automobile Service Park in Harbin to eliminate the yellow standard car service center. The departments involved in the environmental protection, traffic police, finance and other matters related to the elimination of the "Yellow Label Vehicle" have set up service windows here, and the owners can complete the one-stop operation at the service center.
At 8 o'clock, a lot of car owners who came to handle the elimination of the "Yellow Label Car" had been gathered in front of the service desk. The staff members were carefully explaining the relevant policies. "I heard that the "Yellow Label Vehicle" was eliminated in advance and I was able to enjoy the subsidy from the government. I immediately drove the car." Liu Weidong, the owner of the yellow label who is processing the tax collection, told the reporter that he is a medium-sized truck driver driving The truck has been in operation for seven years, and a yellow environmental label was issued at the beginning of the year. "Although many road sections in the urban area are restricted to the 'Yellow Label Car', it is very difficult to pull the goods, but it is a pity that it has been scrapped in vain." Liu Weidong said. In May of this year, "Harbin City's implementation plan for the elimination of yellow-label vehicles" was officially released, and the stone in Liu Weidong's heart was lost. According to the subsidy standard, Liu Weidong calculated an account and scrapped his truck in advance so that he could receive a government subsidy of more than 10,000 yuan. "With the subsidy, I will add some more money and buy a new car." Liu Weidong, who thought about changing the car soon, said to the reporter with a smile.
“The implementation of subsidies for the elimination of 'Yellow Label Vehicles' in Harbin City was fully launched on June 23, and the government's preferential subsidy policy will attract a large number of 'Yellow Label Vehicles' owners to handle the elimination matters every day. The highest peak will be accepted for one day. The number of vehicles is 70-80.” The staff of Harbin City’s Yellow Label Vehicle Service Center told reporters that according to the “Notice of the Harbin People’s Government on Encouraging the Elimination of Yellow Label Vehicles”, the government has encouraged the units and individuals to eliminate the regulations in advance. The "Yellow Label Vehicle" of the age limit will be subsidized by the municipal government for the early elimination of the yellow-label vehicle. The maximum subsidy of up to 22,000 yuan can be obtained according to the model and age. The staff told reporters that as of August 17, Harbin has reached 430 sets of "Yellow Label Vehicles" that meet the subsidy standards, and the government departments have issued subsidies of 4.36 million yuan.
It is impossible to delay the serious elimination of pollution. So what is the "yellow standard car" and what are the hazards of the "yellow standard car"?
In the interview, the reporter learned that “Yellow Label Vehicle” refers to a gasoline vehicle that does not meet the national I emission standard and a diesel vehicle that does not meet the national III emission standard. "With the increasing number of motor vehicles in the city, motor vehicle exhaust emissions have become one of the main causes of urban air pollution. Among them, the pollution discharge of "Yellow Label Vehicle" is particularly serious." Harbin Environmental Protection Bureau Motor Vehicle Exhaust Ma Junjie, an associate researcher at the Pollution Management Office, told reporters that there are four standards for gasoline vehicles in the current vehicle exhaust emission standards. There are three standards for diesel vehicles. The higher the standard, the lower the concentration of pollution emissions. The staff of the Harbin Environmental Protection Bureau compared the motor vehicle exhaust gas test reports of “Yellow Label Vehicle” and “Green Label Vehicle”. The reporter noticed that the emissions of a “Yellow Label Vehicle” are equivalent to 7 countries II and 14 countries III respectively. 28 national IV "green standard car" pollution emissions.
According to statistics from relevant departments, there are currently 45,000 “yellow-label vehicles” in Harbin, and the number of motor vehicles in the city is 1.1 million. Although the proportion of yellow-label vehicles is not large, the total amount of exhaust emissions is very large. The exhaust emissions of 45,000 “yellow-label vehicles” account for about 30% of the city's motor vehicle emissions.
Ma Junjie told reporters that there are hundreds of pollutants in automobile exhaust, mainly carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter. The exhaust gas emissions directly lead to a larger concentration of PM2.5 in the air. Therefore, it is imperative for high-emission vehicles to be eliminated.
Gradually governing the "Yellow Label Vehicle" has nowhere to be shaped. "After the start of the yellow label vehicle elimination work, the measures that the public is most concerned about in implementing the 24-hour limit of the four-ring yellow-label vehicle in Harbin are also being researched and formulated, and will be implemented in due course. Further encourage and stimulate the yellow label car to be phased out in advance." Harbin City, the staff of the yellow label car service center said.
During the interview, the reporter learned that before the implementation of the “Yellow Label Vehicle”, the city had implemented a phased treatment of the yellow label vehicle. In July and September 2011, the yellow and yellow vehicles were restricted in the first and second phases. Because the scope of the yellow label car in the first two stages is not large enough, it can not play the role of promoting the elimination of the old yellow label car. In July 2012, the third stage of the yellow label vehicle was implemented to limit the number of vehicles. The limit line was extended to the second ring area, and the time limit was increased to 12 hours. “The third-stage limit measures effectively limit the high-pollution yellow-label vehicles to discharge pollutants in the central city of the second ring, and the yellow-label vehicles cannot travel in the second-ring area during the day, which basically loses usability. Therefore, the management system guarantees the old The old yellow label car is promptly updated and scrapped," Ma Junjie said.
In this regard, relevant experts also suggested that the implementation of Harbin City to improve the standard of new car settlement standards, vehicles must comply with the city's new motor vehicle registration and implementation of pollutant discharge standards, exhaust emission testing qualified to enter. At the same time, formulate policies to encourage the public to buy new energy vehicles and reduce vehicle exhaust pollution from the root cause.

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